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Everything they make is amazing food and the people are always so nice and friendly. we have never had a bad meal with this group. I have definitely recommended your place many times. Now every time I see the posts my tummy growls 🤣. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah Dosch

The food is absolutely amazing – had the brisket and Pootermac. The brisket melts in your mouth and the Mac is absolutely delicious.

Donna Long Brickey

Everything from the Pulled pork to the brisket to the smoked turkey is delicious and has the best flavor ever. My absolute favorite tho, is the Pooter Chips! 🤗 I highly recommend PooterQ BBQ!! The owners are pretty awesome too. 😎

Karalee Deibel Fritz


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Finally, cheeseburgers are incapable of telling lies or hurting you.
On the flip side, they can still Rick Roll you.


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M – F : 10am – 6pm
S – S : 10am – 8pm



(605) 210-2830





PooterQ Original Barbeque

Terrific barbeque since 2021

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