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All of our meats are seasoned with our house made rub and rest for 24 hours before being slow smoked.


Our brisket is trimmed and then smoked over a special blend of hickory, pecan, maple and mesquite for 12 to 14 hours. Like all our meats, it is very moist.

Pork Ribs

The pork ribs are rubbed down with our signature seasoning and smoked at low heat until they are moist and tender.

Pulled Pork

Our pulled pork is slow smoked over fruit wood for 12 hours until it falls apart. It’s moist and delicious.

Turkey Breast

We smoke our turkey breasts for about 3 hours while basting it with a special blend of seasonings. It comes out with a crust on the outside and a moist center.


Our sides are house made from family recipes using only the freshest ingredients.

Baked Beans

Our famous homemade recipe that came from my mother, Anita Pruitt. We tell people that you’ve never had baked beans like these. They are incredibly rich, but sweet. A guaranteed family favorite.

Cole Slaw

Our slaw is a creamy and sweet, yet tangy, so it goes well on a pulled pork sandwich or to eat by itself.

Macaroni and Cheese

Our house made Macaroni and Cheese is smooth and creamy. It’s great for both kids and adults!


A meal would not be complete without something sweet.


We make different fruit crumbles — Apple, Cherry and Peach. We also venture out into other fruits such as Blackberry and Blueberry. They are sweet and delicious!


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