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Our Story

PooterQ Original Barbeque was started by David & Audrey Pruitt in 2021. Pooter is the childhood nickname of David, and Audrey thought it would be cute to combine Pooter and BBQ, so the name PooterQ was given to the business. Growing up, David spent a lot of time around the smoker with his father as well as a lot of time in the kitchen with his mother. Many of our recipes come from the family cookbook. We pride ourselves on serving the best flavors of Texas to the good people of South Dakota and neighboring Wyoming. As a family-owned business, we enjoy taking care of people and feeding them well.

Opening Hours

M – F : 10am – 6pm
S – S : 10am – 8pm



(605) 210-2830





PooterQ Original Barbeque

Terrific barbeque since 2021